Thank you for your interest in my guitars.  Building musical instruments is my passion.  I am fortunate to have learned
from - and apprenticed under Kim Breedlove and many other fine craftsmen and industry leaders over the 15 years of
my tenure at Breedlove Guitars.  I have many friends at Breedlove - many of whom I regard as my heroes, and all
of whom I wish continued success in building some of the finest instruments available.
Guitar building - much like guitar playing - offers an unlimited wealth of knowledge to be learned.  It is a privilidge
to share with you in the magic of making music.  From my one-man workshop on the edge of the Cascade
Range in Oregon, I strive to build musical instruments which will inspire your creativity, delight your senses,
and fuel the passions of your playing.
For me, the greatest joy in instrument building comes from the time spent getting to know the players who
create the beautiful music (all of whom are now my friends) and listening to the sounds flowing from  the
instruments I’ve had the pleasure of building for them.  I invite you to get to know me and my instruments -
I hope that we can one day share in our passion of making music together.
I currently offer a range of flat-top designs including my original small jumbo “Maya” as well as a traditional
Dreadnought, 12-fret 000, and an Orchestra Model.  The O.M. body style also serves as the powerful
platform for custom 4 & 8 string Tenor Guitars.  There is also a celtic style, flat top mandolin.
Recently added to the range of Bowerman Guitars are a hollowneck Hawaiian lap steel in the
Weisenborn style and the incredible new Glass Steel playable art glass guitar.
With a nice selection of well-aged tone woods and an unlimited range of options, each Bowerman
instrument is customizable to suit your playing needs and style.  Please feel free to contact me to
say "Hi" or to learn more about the process of designing and building your custom instrument.
Thanks again for your interest... Cheers!
Dear Musician and Instrument Lovers:
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