Growing only along the Southern Oregon coast, Port Orford Cedar is a rare & treasured member of the cypress family who loves moist and mild conditions.  Port Orford Cedar has been bred into hundreds of ornamental cultivars - but is threatened in its tiny native range by a root fungus which slowly starves the tree of essential nutrients.  Thankfully, a fungus resistant varietal has recently been developed at Oregon State University to ensure this magnificent tree's continued survival.
Bowerman Guitars P.O.C soundboards are salvaged from trees killed in the Bisquit fire of 2002 or buckskins which were originally cut last century.  Port Orford Cedar has long been sought after for Japanese temple construction, premium arrow shafts, hot tub staves and of course guitar soundboards.  P.O.C. soundboards are strong and light, with great projection and solid bass response.
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