Oregon Big-leaf Maple grows up and down the Willamette Valley & all over the coast range of Oregon, Washington & British Columbia.  This fast growing, deciduous hardwood is the only maple to display quilt figure, and is among the most aesthetically pleasing tonewood species whose light hue allows it to be dyed any color of the rainbow.
Tonally, Big-leaf Maple is clear & bright with articulate mids & trebles and a refined bass presence.  In general -  the lighter the color of Maple,  the brighter the sound is.  Some Bigleaf maple will be tan or even reddish depending upon a number of factors, these sets can be surprisingly deep sounding and make a natural choice for a sunburst or toner finish.
I’m proud to offer a few sets sawn from a windfall tree which grew on my grandparents property until 1995.
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