Mahogany has - until recently - been the standard wood from which most factory guitars have been constructed. It remains one of the best all-around tonewoods and the preferred sound for the classic Bluegrass Dreadnought.
Due to overharvesting, quality mahogany is becoming more difficult to attain and it’s trade is restricted without proper documentation and paperwork.  My material is all FSC certified fair trade or pre-dates the Lacey act and CITES restrictions, nonetheless - please inquire before attempting to order from outside the USA.
Mahogany is the sound of blues and bluegrass - woody, dry and warm.  Heard on countless hit records, mahogany has balanced response and nice bass and is one of the most recognizable sounds of the recorded guitar.  Pairing Mahogany with a Red Spruce top produces a sound which takes you back to a simpler time...
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